Natural Medicine

How can natural medicine nourish your soul?

Natural medicine is a holistic healing treatment that uses organic or natural techniques to help the body heal. Its aim is not just to address the symptoms of an illness, but to treat the patient as a whole. As such, this is a system that integrates other methods such as herbal medicine, massage, acupuncture, water therapy, nutrition, and even lifestyle counselling.

A practitioner in this field is called a naturopathic doctor and does operate with a medical license.

The use of natural healing methods has been discovered in ancient cultures such as the Chinese, Indian, Maori and various indigenous groups. According to naturopaths, Hippocrates the Greek father of medicine, was the first advocate of nature’s healing capabilities in the Western world. But the principles of natural medicine as it is known today began in Germany during the 1500s.

It was in the 19th century that natural medicine rose to prominence in the United States, thanks to Dr. Benedict Lust, who would also go on to establish the New York School of Massage and the American School of Chiropractic. He not only introduced the German ideas of naturopathy, but also the Indian practices of Ayurveda and yoga to Americans.

Benefits of natural medicine

As this is a type of holistic medicine, meaning the entire well-being of the person is taken into consideration and not just their sickness, natural medicine is able to treat a wide array of health problems. These problems can range from headaches and fatigue, to allergies and digestive problems. For cancer patients, natural remedies can also be used to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy.

Natural medicine is not just something to be practised in the clinic; it can be applied in your everyday life. Practitioners are able to recommend home remedies for UTI and even infertility. However, one does not have to be sick to try natural medicine. This treatment can be used by people who just want to improve their immunity system and give their general health a boost.

It also provides people an alternative to prescription drugs, which often cause the patients to suffer the ensuing side effects in favour of treating particular symptoms.

What to expect from a natural medicine session

On your first session, it will take around one to two hours for your naturopathic doctor to examine and discuss your treatment. Aside from a physical examination, the doctor will interview you about your medical history, lifestyle and habits. Questions about how you deal with stress and anxiety may be included. Be sure to be completely honest with your answers so that they can provide the right treatment.

You may also have to provide medical lab test results in order for them to perform a full diagnosis.

Of course, the main health problem will be the focus of the treatment. But the health plan they will create for you is tailor-made for your body’s overall needs, which can range from home remedies for coughs, to dietary changes and exercises. They may also apply pressure on certain parts of your body to treat imbalances, though you can always inform them in advance if you are not comfortable with touches.