Energetic Medicine

How can energetic medicine nourish your soul?

Energetic medicine or energetic treatment is an approach to holistic healing that works on the body’s imbalances in its respective energy field. These imbalances cause blockages which consequently result to ailments. Once the blockages are cleared, the body finds balance once again and is able to heal itself.

Ancient civilisations have long acknowledged a special type of energy that vitalised all life. Various cultures refer to this energy as chi, prana, pneuma, orgone, mana, ether, odyle, élan vital, and bio-cosmic energy, among many other names.

In ancient India, there were already Ayurvedic references to a particular life force, or what they called prana, as early as the 8th century BC. In the West, meanwhile, Pythagoras spoke of a similar energy at around the 6th century BC. A century later, Hippocrates, whom we now recognise as the father of modern medicine, acknowledged the body’s ability to heal itself. He also emphasised that nature, not doctors - are responsible for healing.

Since then, many different approaches to energetic healing have been developed. Homeopathy energetic medicine is one of the earliest approaches, being over 200 years old. Today, more approaches to energetic healing are being practised all over the world for healing the mind and body.

Benefits of energetic medicine

There are various benefits we gain from energetic treatment. On a physiological level, patients experience improvement in immune system functioning, improvement of skin-wound healing, well regulated blood pressure, and pain relief. Some even report spontaneous healing from major illnesses such as cancer.

It also heals mental/emotional ailments such as anxiety, self-esteem issues, and contributes to overall improved sleeping habits and self-awareness; better mental clarity, stress management, emotional stability; and resolution of relationship problems.

Energetic healing has also been lauded for its spiritual benefits. Many patients report positive impacts such as enlightenment, spiritual awakenings, and a better outlook at life after undergoing sessions of integrative energetic medicine.

The best part is that all the medicine and methods involved during treatment are completely non-toxic, and therefore safe even for the most sensitive of patients. They are also notably safe for pregnant or nursing women, unlike most medicines and mainstream medical treatments.

What to expect from an energetic medicine session

As mentioned, there are many different techniques and approaches to energetic medicine today, and depending on your symptoms, any of these approaches may be the basis for your energetic medicine treatment. These include quantum energy medicine, touch therapy, spiritual healing, meditation, magnetic field therapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, and light therapy.

Some of the aforementioned techniques involve physical touch, while others simply work with the energy around the body, with the practitioner keeping his or her hands several inches away. One can also expect to be required to learn and practise a particular movement or breathing pattern. Other therapies may involve wearing apparatus or exposure of some kind as a form of medicine for energy in the body.

Duration of sessions vary from patient to patient. A session can be expected to last anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, but it may extend further if the situation calls for it.